Xiaomi Hair Clipper

About the brandXiaomi

The brand is known for providing affordable yet advanced solutions to smart consumer electronics. It has an image of a cool brand that brings the latest technology through innovation and product development. The brand ensured a perfect combination between customer service, hardware, and software. Xiaomi Hair Clipper.

Founded in 2010, this Hong Kong-based brand has captured the spirit and soul of its customers. The company is one of the global leaders in smartphone customers; electronics with advanced IoT platforms.  

About the product: Xiaomi Hair Clipper

Xiaomi is introducing various lifestyle products like blenders, tower fans, pet food feeders, electric toothbrushes, temperature, and humidity monitors, etc. The hair clipper is the hottest of them.

This hair clipper comes with a titanium-plated durable sharp blade, that suits every demographics and all types of hair. The product is hit as it has a different range for length settings. It also has 14 different comb adjustments.  The clipper uses the advanced technology motor which has very low noise and is very powerful and long-lasting durability. Another differentiating factor is the battery which can go up to 180 min once fully charged.                     

There is more to this product.  Les just find out.

Features and specifications:

  • Professional finish and styling: The machine Xiaomi Hair Clipper comes with 5 styling length options varying from .5mm to 1.7mm. It provides precision for short haircuts.
  • Sharp and smooth blades: The titanium-covered blades are not only sharp and work smoothly on all hair types but it also gives clipper long-term life with low maintenance.
  • Battery: One of the best features is the battery. The machine claims to run for 180 min straight when charged for 2.5 hours.
  • High power DC Motor: The DC motor generates so less voice noise that it is barely a disturbance. Also at the same point, it gives a very powerful performance.    
  • Effective on all hair types: The machine with its unique design and round edges is very versatile and can be used by all the family members on different hair types.
  • User-friendly even for first-timers: The machine is made keeping in mind all the safety precautions and is 100% easy to use. It makes it a perfect product even for new users.
  • Comb fixation and adjustment: The clipper provides 14 different styles of comb fixation. It has a wide range of 3mm to 41 mm. It makes the product fit in all kinds.
  • Facilitates different hairstyles: The range provides helps in achieving fixed length, buzz cut, textured quiff haircut, pompadour haircut, and flattop. Easy trimming of sideburns and neck contours.
  • Easy to clean: This feature makes the product more hygienic and safe to use.
  • Double-sided rounded corner: Double-sided and rounded corners make it safe to use for all ages, it also protects the scalp from cuts.
  • Safe to the scalp: The titanium cover along with rounded edges help in the safety of the scalp or any other body part that comes in contact with the clipper.
  • Waterproof: This feature makes it easy for the user to not worry about the repairs and problems in the operation of the machine.
  • Easy to maintain: This clipper with easy cleaning and a powerful battery is very easy to maintain. It is also a very durable and value-for-money buy.
  • Oil drop reminder: There is a smart light reminder whenever the oil levels drop in the clipper. It helps the user to understand and maintain the machine better.

Parameters and other Advantages

  • Strong built and solid base
  • Recognized, young, and innovative brand
  • Adjustable length: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm
  • Better temperature control
  • Anti-oxidation and corrosion material,
  • The hardness of the fixed tool is HV 650-720*, and the hardness of the ceramic titanium plated moving tool is HV 1200-1500 *, with stronger wear resistance.
  • The clipper works smooth and sharp after 300 hours of operation
  • High-speed mode with 6200 RPM, strong torque motor, and 50dB(A)* noise level while cutting efficiently.
  • Type C charger
  • 7 accessories to help you easily get started and achieve your ideal hairstyle.


Most of the customers review it as a good buy due to its lightweight easy use and smooth after-using effect. The product has multiple features and all-in-one facilities. The product is easy to use and provides more than 300 hours of smooth operation. It is overall a very useful product. To check more about the pricing and delivery, you can check the official website of Xiaomi under the product lifestyle section.

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