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Hello!! Writers, we have an engaging platform write for us where you can share your knowledge and expertise on any topics. We have a very active and enthusiastic reader base who are always keen on gaining some additional knowledge.

If you are a tech geek, a researcher or a writer who has always wanted to share their knowledge with a global audience and enlighten people on new technology and current affairs that are of grave importance.

You can write to us and help us in knowing you and your thoughts and ideas. Join us in our platform and be a blogger, we always appreciate talented people and respect their craft.

What do we mean when we say write on general topics?

We have a global audience who regularly visit our website and read the content that is published in our sites. The content varies from technology, space science, Business, sports, etc. The things that we look for in the articles is originality and quality of content.

The content has to be appealing and informative. The article would be catered to a vast amount of audience, and will also be compared to articles of the same nature published in different websites. So we expect good quality content from our writers.

What do we expect from a General guest post?

While writing a guest post the writer should understand that they have to write on topics that are in demand or about which the people are keenly interested to read. There are a few points that we recommend for our blog writers to follow while creating articles on general topics:

  • Write by keeping in mind the global audience.
  • The voice in which the article is written should have a consistent tone with respect to the topic of the article.
  • The post should have quality content that raises the profile of the business. 
  • The posts should be informative, creative and at the same time has to be appealing, relatable to the audience and helpful in erasing the doubts that they have.

Guest post topics which we cover in general:

We maintain a broad category of articles on our website that would interest people of different tastes and need. The articles are checked thoroughly and if any sensitive contents are found then it is removed by our content moderator.

Some of the guest post topics type are mentioned below:

  • Basic concepts of Digital marketing guest post articles
  • Administration and Hospitality management articles
  • Event management guest post articles
  • Models of spacecraft articles
  • Relevance on cosmos articles
  • Sales and marketing in Real estate guest post articles
  • Financial, legal and Insurance sales and marketing article

The above-mentioned topics are only a few articles from our vast domains on which we accept write-ups. If you are new to this website and you have content that you are looking to post but not familiar with the protocols of submission, feel free to reach us.

We will analyze your content and if any changes are required we will let you know. Our team also informs our guest post writers on the ongoing trends and the topics which are highly searched on the top search engines.

Steps on submitting blog post.

After the creation of content and before submission few guidelines have to be followed by the writers:

  • The article should not have any plagiarized content.
  • It should not have any grammatical errors.
  • The content should be appealing
  • The content should have a lot of information.
  • The content should have a global appeal and attract people from all countries.

The document will then be submitted through the shared link which would be available on our website. The article would be read by the moderator and if everything is fine then it would be published and the writer would be notified.

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Email Id - generalguestpost@gmail.com

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