Essential Tips to Follow In Choosing For the Right Data Center

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Choosing the right data center is a big decision to make for your business. Included in your responsibility is housing a critical infrastructure in someone else’s facility. But before you make a final choice, you must keep a few things in mind. The list of essential tips can be a good starting point for you. And these can serve as your basis for choosing the right data center.

Expansion Capability & Flexibility

What you want from a provider is to meet your specific needs. Keep in mind that the right data center should provide you with various levels of flexibility. Some of them will offer you out-of-the-box solutions that may meet your needs. Other providers will also provide customized solutions and standard offerings.

Better yet, search for the available space, connectivity, and power. Never affect your business by the wrong choice of provider.

Lemming Effect

When searching for the right data center SDN Thailand, knowing more about the number of providers in the area is essential. If there are more providers with built facilities in the area, it means to say that the area is geographically hospitable. It also has established network connectivity and dependable utility service for water and power.

Deployment Efficiency

The infrastructure should be kept up and operating fast. The additional rack space or new cross-connect should then be provided in the future. And for sure, your business wants a new space to be established efficiently and quickly as possible. Now even if deployment efficiency may be difficult to quantify into a number or statistic, ensure that the potential vendor will communicate to you a designated timeline.

Network Ecosystem

The advantage getting from the right data center is the ability to interconnect within the shared data center space. If you aim to connect with distributors, partners, and competitors for peering, the data center brings much value to your business. But before you decide on your choice, discover more about the available options of connectivity. Know if the facility is carrier-neutral. Know if there is a large ecosystem of customers that are interconnected with each other.


One more essential factor to think about in considering a data center is the reliability. It is measured as an uptime in the industry of data centers. Now, a dependable provider must have five-nines uptime. They should then be reliable for about 99.999&. For one, CoreSite has its portfolio performance of 6 nine’s or 99.9999% uptime. It also proudly has its 100% uptime SLA. Now other things to consider include customer feedback, staff certifications, and on-site support.

Financial Stability

Always consider in mind the financial stability of a data center provider. For sure, you won’t want your money and time spent in a data center that will close in the next few years. The ideal choice of a data center is one that supports you for five years. It’s a good idea to look at the financial reporting, financial history, and press releases of the company. This way, you’ll get an idea of how stable the company is.


One more essential tip to consider is the location. This is involved in choosing a data center. Know how someone from your staff can reach the location. That’s also if you need them to service your equipment or do an upgrade.

Consider as well how prone the area may be to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. The data center provider must always have these into consideration. It’s good to also consider extra precautions with the essential infrastructure.

Now, you have learned more about these essential tips in choosing the right data center!

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