5 Best Free & Open Source ERP Software in 2020

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Today, we present you with a list of the top 5 Open Source ERP in the market. These ERP solutions are handpicked from hundreds of options available in the market. As we know that Open Source ERPs are quickly gaining popularity worldwide. The increasing number of startups indicates a rise in demand for reliable, robust, and scalable business applications.

So, if you are thinking of implementing an ERP solution in your organization and looking for an Open Source ERP, this blog post will help you.


Odoo is an Open Source ERP offered as an integrated suite of applications that includes modules for almost anything that you can think of. Odoo is a plug-and-play module type ERP solution where you only use the modules that you require. These various modules can communicate with each other to efficiently and seamlessly exchange information. Odoo is by far the most loved Open Source ERP in the market.

Odoo’s main apps include CRM, Accounting Tool, e-Commerce, Website Builder, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Marketing, etc. Odoo provides you with top-notch user experience and an easy and intuitive User Interface.

Odoo has a large community of Odoo Development teams working on it day and night due to which there are thousands of apps in the marketplace for Odoo. With these apps and plugins, it is easy to integrate any feature that you need and scale your business quickly and without any hassle.

The areas where Odoo stands out in its application are: – Integration with apps, CRM features Accounting, Managing Content, E-Commerce, Event tickets, Full Marketing stack, Enterprise website builder, Lead automation, Link business features, Live chat, etc.


ERPNext is an Open Source ERP and is a product of Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ERPNext is an ERP designed with the modern user in mind. ERPNext is super simple to set up without requiring one to have a strong technical background. By just answering a few simple questions about your business, the setup wizard will help you get ready within minutes.

Created by Rushabh Mehta, ERPNext Open Source ERP is based on the MariaDB database system and the server-side framework is based on JavaScript & Python. It is a web-based tool that can be used on a huge range of platforms and devices including Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

The Open Source ERP is available all over the world in 70+ languages, making it the most easily accessible ERP solution. The companies that get the maximum benefit from ERPNext are Small and Medium-sized Businesses. It is best used for a manufacturing setup, managing your customer issues and helping you to manage multiple user roles and user-level permissions at a time.

The key areas that ERPNext stands out are – Sales Management, Team management, Inventory Tracking, Purchasing, Invoicing, Tracking Payments, Managing tax calculations, Payroll Management, HR planning tool, etc.

Apache OFBiz

OFBiz stands for “Open For Business.” and is a product of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache OFBiz ERP solution is designed for automating complicated enterprise processes which include framework components and business applications. It provides various modules such as CRM, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, MRP, etc.

The program has excellent software architecture and a significant service-based approach. It supports the web-app based operating system and cloud-based deployment type. It includes comprehensive modules and features that will fit any business’s growing needs.

Apache OFBiz framework provides a common data model with a set of business processes. It is best suited for SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises that have development resources available to adapt and integrate it within their existing processes. 


BlueSeer is an Open Source ERP especially developed for manufacturing, warehouse, and transport companies that don’t want to rely on third-party service providers for business technology. It is a highly supported ERP solution, making it a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses. BlueSeer easily runs on all platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

BlueSeer’s design, toolset, and open-source availability give rise to a large community of developers to support customization and maintenance of the ERP. The multi-user version of BlueSeer software is also available on SourceForge, the hosting company.

The key highlight areas of BlueSeer are Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Purchasing, Inventory Management, BOM, MRP, EDI, Barcode Generation / Scanning, etc.


MetasFresh is an Open source ERP that operates on Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and OS X platforms. The software is powered by Java and JavaScript and uses a PostgreSQL database management system.

As the name suggests, MetasFresh is committed to always keeping it code fresh and up to date. It constantly enhances the product to meet the market demands and hence it proves beneficial to Small and Medium level enterprises.

MetasFresh received early recognition such as being a finalist for the Initiative Mittelstand’s “best of open source” IT innovation in the year 2016. It has also been ranked among the top 9 open source ERP platforms by opensource.com.

Key areas that MetasFresh Open Source ERP shines in are – Quality Assurance, Warranty, Training, Sales, Shipment, Invoicing, Incoming payments & Invoices, Product Procurement, etc.

Vis-a-vis Comparison

OdooERPNextApache OFBizBlueSeerMetasFresh
Business SizeAnySMESME, Agencies, EntrepreneurSMEAny
Cross PlatformYesYesYesYesYes
Technology UsedPythonJavaScript & PythonJavaJavaJava and JavaScript
Language SupportEasy Extension70+23+Very FewMultiple
Community SizeHugeHugeDecentGoodHuge
Key AreasCRM, Accounting, E-Commerce, Full Marketing stack, Enterprise Website builder, Lead automation, Live chatSales Management, Team management, Inventory Tracking, Purchasing, Invoicing, Tracking Payments, Managing tax calculations, Payroll ManagementCRM, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, MRPAccounting, Sales & Distribution, Inventory Management, BOM, MRP, EDI, Barcode Generation / ScanningQuality Assurance, Warranty, Training, Sales, Shipment, Invoicing, Incoming payments & Invoices, Product Procurement

Pros and Cons

OdooERPNextApache OFBizBlueSeerMetasFresh
ForumBeautiful ForumCategory basedInactive ForumDecent ForumInactive Forum
Extensions/ Plugins/ Apps140,000+LimitedNot AvailableNot AvailableLimited
Availability of DevelopersVery EasyEasyVery HardEasyHard
ScalabilityVery EasyEasyEasyEasyHard
Ease of UseMediumHighHighMediumHigh
UI/UX FeaturesGreatGoodLowModerateModerate
New Feature ReleasesFastFastMediumSlowFast

Your Decision?

I hope that we have helped you come to a conclusion about which ERP to integrate into your business model from the top 5 Open source ERPs in the market.

If you wish to get help with services such as custom Odoo Development, or any other ERP solution, get in touch with Kanak Infosystems at sales@kanakinfosystems.com

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