Ruskin Bond

Books can take you to an imaginary world created by the author. Ruskin Bond is one such author whose stories transports the readers to a cheerful and happy world.

Find below the list of top 10 famous Ruskin Bond books.

1. The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella is one of the famous books by Ruskin Bond, which was later adapted into a Bollywood movie released in 2005. This book revolves around a girl named Binya who lives in Garhwal. She trades her lovely leopard’s claw pendant to have the beautiful blue umbrella.

2. The Room on the Roof

The Room on the Roof is a story about Rusty, 17-year-old Anglo Indian orphan boy who lives with his guardian Mr Harrison. Due to Mr Harrison’s strict nature, Rusty doesn’t feel like living in a home and spends most of his time with his Indian friends.

3. Great Stories for Children

It is a collection of 18 stories by Ruskin Bond, especially for children. The books depict the connection between kids and nature. There are also a few representations of ghosts.

4. Roads to Mussoorie

This book is all about Ruskin Bond’s hometown Mussoorie. Mussoorie is his home for more than 40 years, and in this book, he jots down many experiences he shared with this town. The exciting part about the book is that he urges the reader to start reading the last chapter first before reading the entire novel.

5. Angry River

Angry River is one of the most famous novels among Ruskin Bond’s books. It is the story of a young girl, Sita, who lives on a beautiful island. One day while Sita is alone in her hut, it starts raining heavily, and the river water starts overflowing. The story focuses on her hardships with the angry river and her rescue plans during such a tough time.

6. The Whistling Schoolboy and Other Stories of School Life

This storybook is a collection of Ruskin Bond’s own life stories while he was in school. The author was a quiet and shy boy who goes to a boarding school. Everyone can relate to this book as it lets us travel down memory lane. 

7. Once You Have Lived With Mountains

Once You Have Lived With Mountains is a famous book by Ruskin Bond, with 17 short stories. The author loves hills, and he describes every detail of the mountains that blow the reader’s mind.

8. The Perfect Murder

It is a book for readers who love mysteries and suspense thrillers. Ruskin Bond portrays characters that plan the murder of one of their relative. You can finish reading this book in a day as it is short and compelling.

9. Tales Of Fosterganj

Tales of Fosterganj is a fictional book by Ruskin Bond that portrays life in a remote village near Mussoorie called ‘Fosterganj’. It depicts the story of a struggling writer from Delhi who visits the village. The book is a must-read because of its wonderful depictions.

10. The Great Train Journey

The Great Train Journey is one of the famous Ruskin Bond books. It revolves around the life of a young boy Suraj who lives in Dehradun. He has never travelled by train. So during his summer holidays, he visits the railway station and walks on the train tracks.

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