iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb Review: Ready to Capture Your Picture in Triple Mode

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Are you willing to captures your moments in the latest smartphone camera? Then you are arriving on the right page yes, iPhone 11 pro max 256gb review is the right way to offer a clear camera with many features in a single smartphone. 

iPhone 11 pro max is your dream smartphone that everyone wants to get their pocket and wants entertain with features. Every reader can easily pick this android mobile because it is launched on September 20, 2019, designed with a durable SIM and triple camera system, and this is the most attractive feature for younger’s. It is an essential part of dual number lovers. iPhone 11 pro is completed with excellent finishing, and your journey will be complete after having this Smartphone in your hand with additional features; hence it is wrapped with amazing durable glass which increases the worth in your hand. 

How iPhone 11 pro max 256gb perform?

iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb
  • Long hour battery life: I phone 11 pro is performing without tired with a full battery and run with video playback up to 20 hours and video streaming up to 12 hours. 
  • Improving Bluetooth: it also claims to offer Bluetooth audio streaming range. 

The unique cameras perform with advanced technology:

                Perform with Triple camera system: 

I phone 11 pro max 256gb is designed with a triple camera which process to capture up to four times more scene. This camera plays entertaining work to shoot high-quality video.

  • Ultra wide-angle camera: this second lens camera is a 12 MP 13mm f/2.4 camera that performs with 120 degrees of view. It takes excellent pictures, and the 12MP sensor uses 0.5x zoom technology. It has a 120-degree viewing angle also. 
  • Telephoto camera: it has another one camera is telephoto that is available to do a 2x optimal zoom picture. 
  • Wide camera: 26mm full camera capture the optimal image with 100% focus pixels

Perform With Highest Quality Videos:

iPhone 11 pro max is advanced Smartphone that also developed with high-quality videos which can store 4k of video with the extended dynamic range at 60 fps. After captures the video, it edits it with the new advanced tool than crop and finally filters to store in videos gallery. 

Exclusive performance with night mode: 

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The night is one of the latest and attractive features of this iPhone 11 pro max. It improves the picture quality in deem light and vastly improve low light photography. 

Perform with A13 chip: 

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has the fastest chip as compared to other Smartphone. It is A13 Bionic which is very powerful and supports to battery for long hour performance. 

Perform with HDR:

Front camera with portrait mode: it has smart HDR, 4K video recording up to 60fbs, and front-facing camera capture 12MP true depth with portrait mode. This camera has been updated 12MP with full angle support during the phone is in the landscape. 

Face ID is a great performer: 

It works with your FACE ID to read your face with an infrared camera. This is a security pattern and also encrypts your mobile because after reading your face directly it unlocks your phone, which is the most secure authentication to protect your data to working at more angles as well. 

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See the specification summary of this Smartphone:

With Essential Features:

  • Brand Name: APPLE
  • Model number: iPhone 11 pro max 
  • Category: smartphones & android phone
  • Display Type: touch screen
  • Screen size: 6.5 inches, 2688×1242 pixels
  • OS: IOS 13
  • Sim type: dual sim
  • Sim size: NANO SIM & eSIM
  • Processor type: Hexa Core
  • handset colour- midnight green
  • input type- full touch
  • Sales package- 18W USB-C Power adapter, earpods also comes worth lightning connector.

Additional features: 

  • RAM capacity: 4 GB 
  • Memory: 256 GB
  • Front camera: 12 MP(f/2.2)
  • Mobile Height: 15.8
  • Mobile weight: 226(7.97 ounces)
  • Mobile width: 7.78 
  • Primary camera: 12MP+12MP+12MP
  • Video recording capacity: 4k video recording 
  • Lock: Face unlock (it will open to recognizing only your face)
  • Water-resistance coating: it will protect from water up to 4 meters for 30 minutes 

How I phone 11 pro max is designed?

iPhone 11 pro max 256gb review is presenting here about designed with various marvelous features, glass, and coating and you may enjoy this handy device. 

  • Finish with matte touch: It is beautifully completed with matte finish touch & clad in a single piece of milled glass. The matte finish touch usually works to never stick the fingerprints on glass and hence it is known as fingerprints resistance touch. 
  • Wrap with stainless steel: this Smartphone is wrapped with stainless steel that is defensive and unbreakable metal. 
  • Constructed by IP68 water resistance glass: I phone 11 pro is highly demanding due to the durable glass designs it. 
  • Largest display: it has the most significant show which was also running in 2019 iPhones, and now you can also enjoy the movies on this largest display. 

What is the iPhone 11 pro max price in India?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB is available on an online store with two storage and RAM variants in midnight mode, silver, grey and space grey look at the same price. Therefore, it is almost demanding in India. The prices are different in different countries. It was officially launched in India in September. At present All you can pick iPhone 11 pro max price in India at Rs- 131,900. 

Warranty with guaranty:

It is offered with 1-year manufacturer warranty with a guaranty from the date of purchase. 

Final Verdict:

iPhone 11 pro apple Smartphone is top listed and most demanding technology for all youngers. Most of the features you can get here, such as a triple-action camera that amazingly works to renovate your captured images. The iPhone is the fastest Smartphone than others, and you will get an A13 chip which helps to provide extra battery life.

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