What is NRC?

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NRC is known as National Register of Citizen. With the help of this the common people of India show their proof of being an Indian citizen. 

This firstly started at Assam for illegal immigrants on the supreme court’s order. This was firstly state wise exercise for illegal immigrants who lives in India without having any proof of Indian citizen, later the demand in NRC has been increased by people’s for its national implementation. 

Now the leader’s of BJP including home minister Amit Shah, has confirmed that NRC going to rule all over India. This is basically for government to identify who is living in India illegally. After knowing someone is living illegally our government will going to deport them from where they came. 

Why NRC important in India? 

National register of citizen (NRC)  is very much important in India. It provide all the information about who is living in India with legally or illegally. As all we know the way before time most of the Bangladeshi people’s immigrants to Assam. This is why NRC has been started as state wise but now it is ruling all over India for illegally immigrants. 

As we know that aspirants is not some kind of terrorist n all. And we must help them, but if we are going to provide shelter to all the immigrants than this will going to be threat for our security and economy. These types of concerned need to be solved that’s why NRC has been developed and its very important for our country. 

Will NRC be for a people of specific religion? 

National register of citizen is for all the citizens of India not only for specific religion like Muslims, as we know that Muslim community is protesting against NRC because they afraid that government will sweeping them from India. But they don’t need to worry about anything if they are citizen of India and they have any of the document proof which clarify that they are Indian, than they don’t need to go anywhere else. NRC is only for the people’s who illegally migrants from other countries and living in India without any proof. 

Which Documents are required for NRC in India? 

If you are a Indian citizen than you don’t need to worry about NRC there are many common documents and with the help of those you can proof your citizenship of India. Documents such as :

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Land Document 
  • Board/University Certificate 
  • Ration Card
  • Bank/LIC/Post Office records 
  • Electoral Roll
  • Other Legally accepted documents. 

This type of documents will proof your Indian Citizenship and you don’t need to worry about anything. 

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