BJP Failed to Got in Double Digits, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Won the Elections in 2020

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Arvind kejriwal: The chief minister of Delhi proved himself again. As Delhi people’s voted for the Aam Aadmi Party, they won the election with a huge number of 62 seats on the other hand BJP failed to get in the double digits.

In this article we are going to discuss how Aam aadmi party won this election and BJP failed. 

2015 Election67 Seats3 Seats0 Seats
2020 Election62 Seats8 Seats0 Seats
2020 Votes4,974,5223,575,430395,924
2020 Votes percentage53.57%38.51%4.26%

5 Things which help AAP to won Election 

5 Things which help AAP to won Election
  1. AAP’s report card : In 2015, Arvind kejriwal won the election and in his manifesto he promised many things. In 2020 they showed their report card of 5 years of work as they promised. They had done many things as they promised in manifesto like they gave free 200 units of electricity, they built schools, mohalla clinics increase tax payers and many more things. 
  2. Development campaign : Arvind kejriwal brings 5 years  guarantee card to the people of Delhi. In which he promised development as he did in the last 5 years. He promised to focus on development without corruption. He promised to clean water for Delhi people, which is one of the major issues of Delhi. 
  3. Positive Campaign : AAP campaign was very positive where they talked about Education, Healthcare, Women Safety, Electricity, Water and many more things. On the other Hand AAP’s competitor party BJP’s Agenda was Hindu-Muslim, Shaheen Bagh etc which is National topics not for state. These things gave benefits to AAP hence they showed in the election they have won 62 Seats. 
  4. Kaam ki Rajniti : Before election Aam Aadmi party comes up with a unique word “Kaam ki Rajniti” which they showed that who work for people will going to won the election and they showed their report card. Delhi’s people were smart enough to understand that they are doing the right things for Delhi, not like the BJP who did nothing just winning the election on the topic of Nationalism. 
  5. Kejriwal vs who?  : As in 2019 election BJP comes with Modi vs who?  The tagline which helped them to won lokshabha election. Now Aam Aadmi party done the same thing, BJP did not announced their face for CM Candidate although Manoj Tiwari is more likely to be the CM Candidate. In the option of IITian Chief minister vs Bhojpuri Actor. Delhi people’s voted for educated IITian candidate. 

5 Reasons why BJP lost the election? 

why BJP lost the election?
  1. Shaheen Bagh : BJP’S propaganda of going in the election with the topic of Shaheen Bagh. Where people are protesting again CAA, NRC. They polarised it to anti national manner, but this was not enough to get the vote from Delhi people. Amit shah said that “Button ese dawana ki current shaheen bagh mai lage”,which backfired them and hence the result in front of you. 
  2. Hate Speech : In the BJP’S campaign they have no report card to show like Arvind Kejriwal, so they started targeting competitor parties they were using hate speech for everyone like “ Goli maro salon ko”. That’s not enough they were saying that “Arvind kejriwal is terrorist” like how?. Delhi people’s were smart enough to tackle their illiterate politics, hate politics of Hindu-Muslim. 
  3. No Face for CM Candidate : Where AAP were going with the face of Arvind Kejriwal on the other hand BJP don’t have any face for CM candidate so they have gone with the face of Modi. Opposition party got the right thing to talk about that Kejriwal vs who?  Just like BJP did in lokshabha election 2019.Having no suitable candidate for CM candidate this backfired Modi-shah’s BJP. 
  4. Godi Media : As most news channels now famous with the tag of Godi Media. They all were supporting the BJP. But kejriwal smart enough tackled this situation and he went to every news channel and gave them interview, where he asked many harsh questions but his honesty and report card of work won the hearts of Delhi people. The Media who always talk about Modi and BJP and trying to manipulate people’s mindset, Arvind kejriwal used them for his benefits. 
  5. No Guarantee Card : Where Arvind kejriwal comes with a guarantee card for development. The BJP had nothing, they were only trying to polarize everything into nationalism. They were only doing Hindu Muslim, Shaheen bagh and targeted Arvind kejriwal. They don’t have any development model for Delhi. Hence, they have lost the election with a huge margin of 62-8.


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