Basic AC Repair That You Can Do Yourself

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Air conditioner repair is an expensive process, especially when you have to call a professional for it. Sometimes the damage is intense and requires an expert. However, there are also times when the issue is not that big but you end up paying for the technician’s visiting charges. 

Sometimes it happens that your unit starts tripping up for the smallest reasons. Imagine having to pay hundreds of dollars for something that could have been easily fixed by even a non-technical person! 

Air conditioner
Air conditioner

So before you look for AC Repair in Houston, perform the following checks to ensure that they indeed need a professional’s help! 

Check the breaker switch

Did your AC stop working mysteriously? The power’s on and yet you see that your AC won’t work. Before you start panicking, just be sure to check the breaker switch. If you have a number of appliances attached to the same breaker, then it may sometimes trip. This can cause the air conditioner to stop working. Quickly check the breaker before you call a professional. This check will not only remedy the problem but also save you loads of trouble and money. 

Assess the thermostat

If you notice that the your AC is not cooling enough, just remember to check the thermostat settings. It is possible for the settings to change on their own sometimes. The ideal setting is to set the thermostat below the room temperature. When checking the thermostat settings, make sure that the unit is neither turned off nor set on fan blow only. It is advised to check the settings after every few months to ensure that they are set at the right temperature. 

Change your air filter regularly

Believe it or not, there are many expensive repairs you can avoid by simply changing the air filter. Sometimes, when the filter remains unchanged for months, it can get clogged with dirt, impurities, and debris. This clogged filter can impact the air flow that will inadvertently put immense pressure on your machinery to cool your room efficiently. In fact, in some cases, the clogged filter may even result in icing of your system. This is the reason it is important to get your filter checked and changed on a regular basis. 

Melt all ice formations

In case your unit is iced up, it may lead to improper cooling. Melting this ice is a simple procedure that will show visible results. All you need to do is turn off your AC and simply run the fan to help melt ice. You can also let the ice melt on its own. Just remember to turn off the unit to allow that to happen. 

Clean it regularly

As is with any other appliance, you must also clean up your ACs from time to time. Sometimes, all it needs is a thorough cleaning to function optimally. However, calling a technician for this simple job will cost you hundreds of dollars on their visit alone! So before you make that call, you should start by carefully cleaning the fan blades. Clear all the debris lodged inside the unit or outside of it. Next step is to clean the condenser fins. Use extreme caution when cleaning the blades and fins as excess pressure can easily bend or break these parts. It goes without saying that the unit must be completely powered off before cleaning. 

Check your ducts 

If you think you can access the attic or the ducts, then climb up to check if the air is flowing out of it. In an event they are dirty and clogged, blocking the air flow, then you know that you would have to clean them in order to make your AC work efficiently. A simple cursory assessment is all you need to check if the air is flowing uninterrupted from the ducts. 

The steps discussed above are some of the things that you can do yourself to check if the unit needs professional intervention. In an event that it doesn’t, then you would be able to save tons of money and hassle by doing it yourself. Air conditioner repair and maintenance is an expensive task. So unless it is a technical fault, consider remedying the problem yourself. However, if the problem looks like something you cannot handle, then don’t hesitate to call a trained technician. The points discussed above are the only times when you should attempt to handle the repair task yourself. 

If you are looking for an AC repair company, make sure you research them properly before hiring. It is important that they have the license as well as the certification to work as AC repair professionals in Houston. Always ask for these documentations before allowing them into your home!

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