7 Essential Features in An Online Corporate Training Platform

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A corporate firm needs to train its employees in a particular method to ensure that all of them are aware of the working methodologies and strategies. To enable uniform training for all employees, corporate firms develop an online training platform. These corporate training courses or training software makes development, delivery and management of training employees easier. Whether for small or large business houses, an employee training app has two main advantages which are much better than classroom training.

Advantages of an Online Training Platform

  • Reduces Time and Training Cost

To offer traditional classroom training to their employees, employers need to invest in classroom apparatus such as white boards, projector and markets. A company also needs to hire costly trained professionals to teach the employees. With the help of an online software, employees can learn all that they need to know online on their smartphones, tablets or computers. 

Moreover, employees also need to schedule a particular time slot to learn new skills. This leads to shortage of time for their other day-to-day work. With an online training platform, employees can learn at home or during transit, thereby saving office time.

  • Better Communication and Employee Engagement

With a well-developed software, employers can send custom notifications to each employee personally and also answer their doubts personally. Some software can be designed in such a way that they conduct online tests for the employees after the completion of the course, which enables the company to ascertain whether they have grasped new skills or not.

Big companies are today understanding the importance of such employee training software and investing in these rather than conventional classroom training methods.

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Essential Features of an Online Training Platform for Corporate Companies

Corporate training courses online on company website or company app makes learning very convenient for the trainees. Technicians have developed some very smart online training platforms with the following features:

1 . A Platform That Is Customizable

It is essential that the corporate company comes up with a training platform that is customizable. A platform may have an impressive library of online courses and tools, but the company will have to make modifications in the system to suit their specific needs. A good corporate training course should have the customization option to enable employees to personalize their learning environments with their personal login page and dashboard. 

2. An Online Platform should be Accessible on Mobile Devices

Everyone prefers to read or learn while commuting or while they free on their smartphones or tablets. An online training platform should be developed in such a way that it can be easily viewable and accessible on a mobile platform. The layout should adapt easily on smartphones and tablets. 

3. The Platform should be able to Track Progress and Generate Customized Reports

A corporate training course on a good platform is more useful when employees can also monitor their progress and track their work done. These analytics can improve the employee learning experience. The platform should allow you to create customized reports for specific data. Such a feature will give employees an opportunity to evaluate their progress and generate feedback in order to improve. 

4. The Online Platform should be Easy to Setup and should have a Capacity of Scaling to Thousands of Users

The platform or app should be designed in such a way that it takes minutes to setup. No one has the patience to sit for a longer time, setting up their profiles. Moreover, the platform should be in the cloud and should be scaled for a high amount of traffic. The employees will lose interest if the platform is forever slow or takes too long to load. Also enable the feature in which the platform easily hooks up with your database of users and should also have the capacity to migrate your existing data into your new training course.

5. A Feature that Enables the Platform to Integrate with Other Systems

The online training platform should enable the corporate company to integrate multiple departments of the system such as employee databases, financial team, production team and so on. If the platform can include data from other systems also, then it will help the employees have a better training experience.

6. The Platform should have Tools to Help Employees Reinforce their Learning

Employees often complain about forgetting whatever has been taught. You can prevent that by reinforcing knowledge through the peer-to-peer feature embedded into the platform. The platform should have a lot of features through which the employees can share ideas, share videos, have discussions and join chats in chat rooms.

7. The Platform should be Accessible for at least a year or more

Embed this feature into the platform which lets the employees actively retain their knowledge. They would want to revise topics and access old ones again for future reference. This also helps in successful transition and hence more productivity.

A corporate training platform with all the above-mentioned features can prove to be very helpful and handy for the employees.

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Author Bio: The article has been written by Marilou Alcaide, marketing writer at Coggno Inc. that offers online training courses for employees. Creating appealing contents to engage the readers all around the world is the author’s keen desire.

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