Bathe a Newborn Baby

Bathing a newborn is a bit of a struggle in the initial days. Their skin is sensitive and predisposed to dryness. In tropical countries like India, you must bathe your baby daily with warm water using baby skincare advised by experts. The water temperature shouldn’t be too hot as it may burn the delicate skin of your baby. However, it is not necessary to give a bath every day in cold weather countries.

But how to bathe a newborn? Don’t worry Mama, we have got you covered. Read the step-by-step procedure on how to bathe your newborn:

#1. Keep the baby bath skincare and supplies ready:

Before bathing the baby, keep all the baby skincare and other things near you. Things like soothing cream, baby body wash, towel, tub, etc., keep near to you so that you don’t have to leave the bathing procedure midway.

#2. Fill the bathtub and check the temperature:

Use a baby tub and set it inside the shower. Fill the baby’s bathtub with just 2-3 inches of water, ensuring that it doesn’t reach above the baby’s ears. Always check the temperature before taking a bath. It helps in preventing redness of the skin due to hot water.

#3. Pour water gently and apply baby body wash:

Carefully place the baby in the bathtub. Pour the water gently on the baby’s skin to make them a little wet. Appy coconut hydrating wash instead of soap as the goodness of coconut smoothens baby’s skin, making it soft and supple. Wash different parts of the body with baby body wash.

#4. Clean the baby with a soft sponge or baby towel:

Use your one hand to support the baby’s head, neck and back, and the other hand to clean the body parts. Start with the cleanest parts like the head and move on to the dirtiest parts like the diaper area

#5. Apply soothing cream:

Use both hands to lift the baby out of the tub. Use a soft organic towel and gently pat the baby dry. Moisturise with soothing cream all over the baby’s delicate skin for best results. Soothing creams are the best cream for babies after bath time to keep the skin hydrated and soft.

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