How Long Does It Take to Recover From Greenlight Prostate Laser Surgery?

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Greenlight prostate laser surgery is performed as an endoscopic surgery in the patient’s urethra. The process involves aiming a laser beam at the enlarged prostate gland, which causes the tissue to evaporate. This is later removed using an irrigation solution.

The laser prostate surgery takes about 1–2 hours. This has recently become the most preferred procedure over the conventional TURP – transurethral resection of the prostate. Its advantages such as lesser bleeding, reduced need for painkillers make it a more feasible option for many.

Shorter recovery times with a lesser number of hospital stay days imply greater ease for patients. Laser prostate surgeons in Lucknow generally undertake this procedure under spinal or general anesthesia.

Greenlight prostate laser surgery is followed by the need for painkillers for 1 to 4 days. 

Concerning the surgery, it can be followed by bloody urine and blood clots in the urinary tract. For such conditions, the patient is advised to increase the intake of fluids after initial surgery days. Other post-surgery symptoms include a burning sensation in the urethra and bladder, prolonged periods of bloody urination

A quick recovery comes with a good amount of rest given to the body post a laser prostate surgery. Heavy exercise, rigorous shaking movements must be avoided for the next 2 weeks. Prostate laser surgeons advise that constipation must be avoided and immediately treated post-surgery.

Owing to its relatively quicker recovery periods, greenlight prostate laser surgery is one of the most commonly adopted laser surgery today.

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