Factors Influence Smartphone Buying Decision

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Smartphones were launched in Malaysia and it has become very popular in the younger generation. Most of the smartphone users are from the younger generation. So, here we have some questions about how smartphones become this much popular in their consumers’ view, how they influenced their smartphone buying decision. 

In this article, we are going to discuss these things, the strategy that the smartphone market used to influence their consumers. 

1.Brand Value 

The Brand of the smartphone matters a lot to consumers this attracts them towards a Brand. It creates a quality impression in consumers’ minds about the quality and after-sales services. 

If a customer is satisfied after buying a branded smartphone, they do their phone promotion itself to their friends and family. People also prefer branded quality over normal smartphone companies to buy a smartphone. This impacts their mind of quality and services which are provided by the brand. 

Having a brand value is a greater advantage nowadays most branded companies like Samsung, iPhone is ruling the world of smartphones just because of their brand value. 

2.Price Value

The price factor also plays a crucial role to influence smartphone buying decisions in the consumer’s minds. Most of the people are coming from middle-class families, so the price should also be built by being focused on these situations. 

Budget smartphones create hypes in the consumer’s mind that’s why companies like Xiaomi, Realme are very much newcomers in this market but their smartphone price is very affordable for most of the consumers. That’s why their consumer base is getting bigger every day because of their budget Price. 

3.Smartphone features 

Product features are very important to influence your consumer’s decision. In Smartphones, people prefer good looking smartphones with unique software features that attract them towards buying a smartphone. 

Nowadays every company in the market comes with new designs color combinations, Notch display and many more hardware functions that attract their consumers. 

Customers also know the technology very much today, So the software is also very much important as well as hardware every company is making their own Operating system (OS) which provide their consumers many unique functions every phone is getting smarter with AI, these factors influence every consumer’s smartphone buying decision. The company that provides more features has slightly an edge to win this smartphone competition market. 

4.Social Influence 

Socially branding plays a very crucial role in buying smartphones. For example, if a celebrity like Shahrukh Khan advertises a phone many people who admire him are more likely a chance to buy that smartphone by them. 

Social Media advertisement is also very important. These things create a brand value in consumers’ minds, that this brand is promoted by celebrities or in social media. These things influence a buyer’s decision. 

Social needs are also very important like everyone now wants to connect with their friends and family. Smartphones are helping them to do so. Nowadays if you don’t have any smartphone you are socially inactive which differentiates you from others. That’s why smartphones are now the basic need of every person. 

5.Smartphone Dependency

Phones are now not only used for calls and messages. People are getting smart with smartphones all the work they had to do manually, nowadays these things are possible just on a click. 

Banking, Bill payments, Booking, Food ordering, and many more things now you can do just on a click on your smartphone. These things create a dependency on consumer behavior and influence their decision of buying a smartphone. 


Smartphones nowadays are very useful for communication, it also helps you to do many things that you have done manually in the past. Smartphones have now become a part of human life nobody can imagine a life without smartphones. It’s a basic need of every human being.

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