AI Evolution in Smartphone and Technology

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As we are moving forward to a new generation and our technology is getting advanced every day. The feature of Artificial intelligence (AI) gives intelligence to technology that is used by humans. In this new era, everyone is now getting dependent on technology because machines are now working like humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Artificial intelligence is a new concept to the world of technology. Now technology is getting advanced with AI, all the work we had to do in the past now becomes easier with this technology. 

This concept is now being used by most of the machines, for example, our smartphones. Nowadays we have Google assistant, Alexa and Siri like an assistant who can do all the work with just a voice command. 

Even now there are many customer bots who are helping people with their queries website like Phonepe, Paytm and many more are using bots to solve their customers’ queries. 

All of those things which are getting easier by machines is Artificial intelligence. This technology will be going to change the world soon. 

AI Benefits in Smartphone and Technology 

Phones are now not phones, they are getting smartphones. This phrase tells you the story of the evolution of smartphones. In this Era of evolution, we also have to give credit to Artificial intelligence because it’s the experience of using a smartphone is now fully changed. 

  1. Virtual Assistants: Google assistant, Alexa, Siri are the example of this with the help of them you can do any work just on voice command. They are your virtual assistant and they know everything about your smartphone and they are made to help you. 
  1. Mobile Apps: AI is the future of mobile App development now every App is getting better day by day with updates they are using new technologies and methods to get themselves into the next level. Now, most of the apps are creating a database of your interest, behavior, likes, dislikes, etc., and giving you services at your preferences this is the power of AI which helps them to build their apps better according to their user’s need. 
  1. Camera Enhancement: With Ai, Cameras are getting smarter they can adjust brightness according to the light, they can frame a portrait photo just to detect everything in the background. Using AI, they detect faces and make them more beautiful. Ai helps you click stunning photos that look very attractive, in some of the phones AI also tells the face of the person just to detect in the frame. 
  1. Translator: Google has introduced its app named Google lens which is now inbuilt in most of the smartphones. With the help of the Ai, Google lens detects the language and translates into any language without the internet. You just need to frame your camera to the sentences you want to translate. 
  1. AI Security: In the world full of databases, privacy is the basic need of every user. Ai security provides you features as face unlock, it provides you all the data information which is used by apps you downloaded from play store with the help of this you can control your data which is previously taken without being known by you. For smartphone security it allows your voice to unlock fingerprint face unlock like features that can be only accessible by you. 


As technologies get smarter day by day with the help of Ai which is the process of machine learning. In the future, we might have seen that all the machines will do everything that is not possible today. Artificial intelligence is a new way of providing human-like interactions with machines for a specific task but it’s not a replacement of humans and not going to be.

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