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Here you can see the benefits you get from the plans of a mutual fund. The advantage of one-time investment, SIP How much profit has been received from one year, 3, 5 10, and since the beginning of the scheme, Chakraborty has a profit / loss of annually, you can see all this in this table.

Here I have given the lowest risk skim in the first place, after which there is a skim performance as per the increased risk. One thing to remember is that the low risk – the least benefit, the medium risk – the medium advantage, the extra risk – the excess benefit is the same formula.

If you are investing in a mutual fund for the first time, then start investing in Equity Savings Scheme or Balanced plan, you will get a share market share, after this, it is the right path to start investing in other schemes. Keep in mind that we are a mutual fund distributor, through us, you can invest in any scheme of mutual funds, read the information sheet and follow the instructions given in it.

Do Investment in Mutual Fund Investment IDFC

Please read this before investing; please do not call us for any and any kind of information before reading it. Dhak Financial Services is a well-known mutual fund distributor organization, if you want to invest in any of these mutual fund schemes on our behalf If so, download the following form on your computer and take out the print, along with the instruction in the instructions.

Download Form

The form below is suitable for investing in any scheme of any mutual fund. One form can be invested by investing in any of the 5 schemes through a single check.

Services and Facilities From Investing by Us:

  • You can see your investment details 24/7 and also from anywhere.
  • We offer you our mobile app, so you can always check the value of your investment in your mobile phone.
  • If you have invested before a mutual fund scheme, you can also see its details.
  • We are M.F. With the utility, it is an online platform, which is designed to provide online access to investors with Amphi and large mutual fund companies. Through this you make new investments, new SIPs Do, STP Or S.W.P. Doing, withdrawing your money etc. You can do all the behavior online. You can do all these behaviors with your computer or even from your mobile, anytime and anywhere.
  • We will help you to choose the plan of mutual fund for investing.

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