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We keep hearing about the shares that have come from the stock that the stock has doubled the earnings of investors in one year, three or several times. But what about mutual funds? Do schemes of mutual funds double the investment or triple?

To get the answers to these questions we have researched: We tried to ascertain whether a mutual fund advisor has multiplied the money of investors during the short-medium term or not. For this, we started with diversified equity schemes. During the research, we came to know that many large caps, mid-caps, small-caps and multi-cap schemes have tripled the wealth of investors in four years.


Suppose that you invested 1 lakh rupees on November 27, 2013 in the Large Cap Mutual Fund Scheme “Escorts High Yield Equity Fund”. By November 27, 2013, if your investment cost is Rs 3.01 lakh, what would you say?

In our research, we got to know that 16 mid-cap mutual fund schemes increased investor wealth up to three times within four years. In addition, two multicap schemes have given similar returns to investors.

Small Caps Scheme Returns Quadruple

This issue is popular in the stock market, ‘Higher risk, more returns.’ This statement is accurate for some schemes in the SmallCap category. Three smallcaps schemes showed a four times increase in investor wealth over a period of four years.

In this research, the result was that if selected carefully, the scheme of mutual funds could give excellent returns. However, every advisor advises that investing in sufficiently sustainable schemes for a long time is the best option. We did not assess the schemes of sectors and ELSS funds during this research.

Best Schemes of Mutual Funds

Investors are always looking for the best schemes of mutual funds to invest money. By the way, this job is not easy. There are many things to take into account in choosing these funds. Here are some of the details about mutual fund schemes. These schemes can help investors make money in the long run. These schemes of mutual funds use multi-cap style to invest. These tend to be more inclined towards large-cap stocks.

Kotak Standard Multi-cap Fund 

Kotak Standard Multi-cap Fund has recently increased volatility internationally. It has also affected the domestic market. This has created panic in investors. Kotak Standard Multi cap Fund has proved to be successful in this uncertainty environment. Approximately 75 percent of the portfolio of this scheme is invested in large-cap stocks. It has bet on some good mid-caps and small-cap stocks. This has helped in giving better returns to the scheme.

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