Investment Advisor in Delhi NCR

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It happens so many times that when you go to a financial advisor, it tells you to diversify your portfolio. This means that you invest a portion of the investment money on the stock market, one share property and one part of the bank’s mid-term or PPF schemes. Also advise on investment in a knowledgeable mutual fund. Mutual Funds are a great option for investing in the stock market. In this fund is invested in different types of stocks and it specializes in investment markets.

Why Should We Invest

In fact, in the opinion of the analysts, investor money is more secure than the stock market. Directly investing in shares keeps the fear of loss. Regularly a small amount can be invested in this. Like investing four to five thousand rupees per month can be a good option. Professional funds manage this fund. Typically the fund manager takes its nominal fees. This fee is two to three percent of Investment advisor Delhi NCR.

If seen, investment in better mutual funds than investment in the bank. Because money is safe in the bank but the interest rate is around 7%. The return from the bank fails to avoid the impact of inflation. Keeping in the bank does not increase the strength of buying money. Therefore, the advice is that mutual funds are a good option for long investment rather than a bank. For short term investment, you can keep the money in the bank according to the need.

However, experts believe that restraint for mutual funds. Because the investment is not a matter of aggression. Only invest in long-term investments. But when the fund manager pays money, then you do not pay attention to the market volatility, they consider financial experts as such. Make regular money for a long time, only then the average edge will be of benefit. Do not choose the funds according to the performance of the past few days or months, and not in any way come under the pressure of the Allies and make a decision. Also, add as much money as you can in the fund, which you can keep comfortably for a long time and you will not need this money right away.

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