2020 Fashion Trends Based off of the Runway

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Regardless of weather forecasts, it is within your power to make your life brighter if you follow the fashion trends of 2020. The most famous couturiers and designers did their best to make the upcoming year more interesting and original. We will help you to choose the most relevant styles and colors of outerwear. What will we wear next year? How to keep your style and not get lost in the abundance of trends? Is it possible to combine beauty and comfort? We are pleased to talk about everything that every woman loves so much because 2020 is just around the corner, so it is time to find out the latest fashion trends in the women’s clothing segment. This is what we are going to talk about in the article below.


If we talk about the main fashion trends, below we presented the top of the main trends that every girl should pay attention to.

Leather. Leather cloth in 2020 will be such a popular material that stylists recommend fashionable women to buy not only jackets or vests, but also trousers, skirts, dresses, and even leather coats. You can wear these products individually, combining with other clothes, and in a full-fledged total look.

Focus on the shoulders. The hypertrophied shoulder line is back in fashion. This effect can be achieved with the help of cut features and special shoulder pads that visually distort the female silhouette, giving it the outlines of an inverted triangle.

Golden color. Noble shades of gold were so loved by modern couturiers that they included them in their fall-winter and spring-summer season collections. Skirts, tops, blouses, dresses, and of course accessories can be decorated in gold.

Faux fur. Fashion for natural furs dowry is being slowly. Today, the trend is outerwear made exclusively from artificial materials. It can be models of fur coats or vests made of fur, which in appearance resembles natural. But bright colorful products with a very long pile sticking out in all directions will enjoy real success.

Padding thread. A novelty of the season was clothing made from quilted materials. Moreover, this is not the usual jackets for everyone, but skirts and dresses. Such products look very stylish and feminine.

Military-style. Camouflage clothing has long been quite popular among fashionistas. Therefore, many designers again decorated with spotty military print fur coats, raincoats, jackets, and even bags. 

Chequered fabrics. Check ornamentation will be in demand throughout the coming year. In winter, it is better to give your preference to chess or a tweed ornament made in red or white and black. But in warmer times, you can wear multi-colored clothes decorated with an argyle cage.

Total look. But the tops of fashion trends is occupied by outfit, designed in one color. It can be classic shades of beige or white, as well as brighter colors such as green, blue, pink, etc. But the most fashionable will be considered a black mono look, which, according to most stylists, makes the image aggressive and sexy.

Fringes. The decor, consisting of many threads, has been at the peak of fashion for a long time. Fringes can be present on clothes in the form of a single accent, for example, on the hem of a skirt or dress, and fill the entire product. 

Bare body. Another novelty was products in which sections of the exposed body are exposed. You can get this effect with the help of transparent fabrics or cuts that decorate clothes today. Cutouts can be located on the sides, back or even in front.

Embroidery. This year, it may be present in the form of a small decoration or cover the entire product. The subjects of ornaments can be different, ranging from fascinating floristic drawings, abstraction or geometry and ending with full-fledged art. 

Macrame. Clothing made from materials woven using the macrame technique is not an option for overweight women, as it visually plumps. But for thin girls – that is it. It can be exquisite evening dresses, stylish casual dresses, and suits that you can wear even for work in the office.

Straw. If woven straw bags were fashionable this season, clothing made from the same material will already be popular in the coming.

Bellows patch. Volumetric patch pockets are not only fashionable decor but also very practical, because you can always put everything you need in them. 

Ala the 70s. The leading trend of 2020 in the segment of women’s clothing is the fashion of the 70s. Knee-high pants, elongated skirts, double-breasted jackets and other representatives of this trend flooded the runaways at recent shows.

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