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Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami, also known as R.K. Narayan, was one of the finest Indian authors. He is well known for his fictional book set in the town of Malgudi. For his exceptional work in literature, the Indian government has honored him with various awards like Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Sahitya Academy Award, and others. His top 5 famous books that you must read are listed below.

1. The Guide

The Guide

Released in 1958, The Guide is one of the most famous R.K Narayan books. The plot revolves around Raju, the main character, who is a corrupt tour guide. Later he went on to become one of the prominent holy men in India. The plot states his entire journey through a series of hysterical and suspense stories. 

This book was later adapted into the film – Guide, one of the exceptional and classic movies in Indian Cinema. R.K. Narayan also won the Sahitya Academy Award for this book in 1960.

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2. Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days is a classic book by R. K. Narayan, consisting of 32 short and fictional stories. The plot is set in a fictional town in Southern India called Malgudi. Every chapter is based on the people living in Malgudi and their problems during the era. 

Malgudi Days was released in India in 1943. Later, Penguin Classics released the book outside India in 1982. It is celebrated around the world even today for its stories written in the span of forty years by the author. The book was later produced as a film in 1986.

3. The Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is a story about a college boy Chandran, who is studying in the final year of his college. He is about to graduate and start a new and independent life as an adult. But after completion of his graduation, he has left with no plans. This novel depicts the struggles of a middle-class boy and his ambitions before an independent India.

Apart from this, the author has also explained the beauty of love. Love can be heartbreaking and envious, and at the same time, it can also bring hope into our life.

4. Swami And Friends

Swami and Friends

Swami And Friends is the first book of the famous R.K. Narayan trilogy. It is one of the well-known R.K. Narayan books, released in 1935. The novel depicts a sweet and short story of a ten-year-old boy Swaminathan and his friends Rajam and Mani. The plot is set in a fictional town known as Malgudi. 

Swaminathan is an adventurous kid and loves going to school with his friends. The reader will have a trip down the lane to their school days while reading this book.

5. The Dark Room

The Dark Room

In 1938, The Dark Room was initially published in Great Britain. In this book, the author puts light on the gender biases prevailing in India for ages. It indulges into the deep topics of feministic issues and will remind the readers of their days in the village. 

The story is about a couple in a village and their day-to-day problems commonly faced in India. On the other hand, the author has also enlightened the beauty of the Indian traditional cultures.

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